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What is the AIDA Marketing Model?

The acronym A.I.D.A stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. The AIDA marketing model is one of the longest-serving and widely used model in the field of marketing and advertising to identify and describe the sequence of events or steps or stages that occur from the time when a consumer (or customer) first becomes aware of the existence of a particular product/service to the time when the customer decides to make a purchase of that product/service.

In simple words, the AIDA marketing model captures a customer’s purchase journey i.e., from getting to know about the product to finally buying it. The AIDA marketing model is commonly used in developing marketing and sales strategies, and public relations campaigns. The AIDA model is very frequently referred to as “Purchase Funnel” or “Sales Funnel”. 

Read further to understand AIDA marketing model with example.

In this model, the customer’s purchase journey is broken down into four fundamental stages as follows:

AIDA Marketing Model

As evident from the funnel, the number of people aware of a product/service is more at the ATTENTION stage, and as they pass through each stage, the number trickles down and ultimately very few people are left at the bottom of the funnel – ACTION stage – who actually turn into buyers.

Advertising activity has to be done at each stage to achieve the desired results. The advertising theme should differ from one stage to the other. Which means that the ads that were used to attract consumers in the ATTENTION stage cannot be used in the INTEREST stage. The reason is, the ads at different stages achieve different goals.

It is also true in most cases that, people can directly move from ATTENTION stage to the ACTION stage and become quick buyers. This requires the product/service to be too good to resist in terms of quality and customer need. Smart marketing campaign comes handy to make this happen.

Let us understand in detail each stage of AIDA marketing model with an example.


The first stage in the AIDA marketing model is grabbing the attention of consumers who will later become your potential customers. At this stage, the goal of your advertising is to consider how to capture the attention of consumers/customers towards your product/service.

In this stage, a brand is trying to establish its existence in the minds of the consumers. They don’t sell, they only create awareness. This can be done in various ways depending on the type of product/service the brand is offering to the market.

Most retail industries place their advertisement on a billboard/hoarding/banners or flyers which looks as a massive image. The image should be designed in such a way, that it creates a lasting effect on the consumer’s minds. One such example is shown below.


kfc attention stage ad

Other ways to grab their attention could be through word-of-mouth or a kiosk displaying products and more popularly these days, through sponsored content.

In the ATTENTION stage, consumers will say – “I know about it

Stage-2:  INTEREST

The most crucial and one of the toughest stages of AIDA marketing model is the INTEREST stage. Once the existence of product/service is established in the minds of the consumers, its time to get them interested in it and this is the hardest part. The businesses/brands must work on increasing the interest level of the consumers towards their product/service.

The goal of the INTEREST stage is to move the customer’s mindset from “I know about it” to “I like it”.

The advertisement at the INTEREST stage must focus on the advantages and benefits of your product/service. The highlight of this stage should be to point to the consumer’s needs. The ads in this stage should also focus on projecting how your product/service is different from others. If done right, this leads to the consumer going an extra step in looking up the product/service to check how it benefits him/her.

See an example advertisement below which definitely generates interest in spicy food lovers.

kfc interest stage ad - AIDA marketing model with example

Observe the wordings and intensity in the image given in the above picture. This is an INTEREST generating advertisement.

In the INTEREST stage, consumers will say – “I like it

Stage-3:  DESIRE

Almost always, the INTEREST and DESIRE stages of AIDA marketing model go hand in hand. And sometimes, both happen simultaneously. The goal of the DESIRE stage is to move the customer’s mindset from “I like it” to “I want it”.

In this stage, your ads should communicate to the consumer as to why they must buy your product/service and why they need it in their life. It must provide interesting information on the product/service, along with the benefits of buying it. The benefits highlighted should be such that, the product/service offering becomes irresistible.

Usually, the DESIRE stage is the time when a consumer is comparing your product/service with other competitors’ offerings. In such a scenario, the brand needs to prominently highlight its outstanding features which the consumer won’t get in other products/services.

For example, let’s assume you own a watch brand. The consumers have shown interest in a specific model of watch. The consumer drops into your showroom to check if the model he/she is interested is really worth buying. In this case, you must drive desire in the mind of the consumer by showcasing the extra features of the specific watch model and how it could be used in several creative situations – like – the option to make a phone call via Bluetooth, track calorie burnt while working, in-built blood sugar checker and other smart facilities etc.

See an example advertisement below which creates a desire for their product/service.

kfc desire stage ad


In the DESIRE stage, consumers will say – “I want it

Stage-4:  ACTION

The last stage of the AIDA marketing model is the ACTION stage which encourages consumers to initiate action and purchase the product/service.

The goal of the ACTION stage is to move the customer’s mindset from “I want it” to “I am buying it”.Its an aspect of marketing and advertisement which leads the consumer to take an action by purchasing the product/service.

A good advertisement in the ACTION stage will trigger a sense of urgency in the minds of consumers who are in the purchase journey to take action right now. This could be by asking consumers to make a call or visit a website. At this stage, to encourage consumers to make a purchase, the ads focus on limited time offers like Free Shipping, Cash on Delivery, Early Bird Discounts, Referral Systems etc.

See an example advertisement below which creates a sense of urgency in the minds of consumers to buy their product/service.

kfc action stage ad


In the ACTION stage, consumers will say – “I am buying it now

AIDA Marketing Model Example For Movie/Cinema Marketing In A Nutshell:

The below example will help you understand the various stages of marketing a movie/cinema using AIDA marketing model in a nutshell.


This step creates awareness of the movie that has not even started its shooting.

  • Newspaper Announcement/Press Release about shooting start date, cast and crew.

‘INTEREST’ stage:

This stage is to generate audience interests towards the movie.

  • Periodical updates of the movie shooting process
  • Highlighting the best part of the movie making. For example:
    • This is the big budget movie investing INR 500 crores
    • The movie is being dubbed to 10 international languages
    • This movie has planned to rope in Hollywood actor for the guest appearance in the movie
  • Publishing/Releasing movie teaser

‘DESIRE’ stage:

This stage is to create a sense of desire among the audience to watch the movie.

  • Publishing/Releasing movie trailer
  • Releasing Audio Songs

‘ACTION’ stage:

This stage encourages the audience to book movie tickets by publishing theatres list on newspapers and online booking websites.


Therefore, the AIDA  marketing model says that AWARENESS leads to INTEREST, which leads to DESIRE, and finally, ACTION.

Hope you understood how AIDA marketing model works. If you liked this blog post on AIDA marketing model with example, please do share it with the ones you love and care.

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