This article will help you understand why digital marketing for e-commerce website owners is crucial for revamping their business. We offer a specialized digital marketing training for e-commerce website owners.

E-commerce is today a household term. More than 80% of the population understand that term e-commerce. In the world of e-commerce, buying and selling involve the use of the internet. And any business that is related to (though not restricted to) e-commerce has to market and advertise through online mediums. That is where the role of digital marketing comes into the picture. Digital Marketing is the only way (or the major way) for e-commerce businesses to attract customers, make a sale and retain customers.

Added to this, the rapid growth of smartphones and internet availability at a very affordable price has given greater access in selling and purchasing products and services online with utmost convenience.

Digital Marketing Training For E-Commerce Website Owners

Why Digital Marketing Training For E-Commerce Website Owners Is Important?

Digital Marketing Training For E-commerce Website Owners

Starting a new e-commerce website and you have no idea about digital marketing? Then your business is in serious trouble. A vigorous digital marketing campaign for any e-commerce website (either startup or established) is an absolute must if you wish to succeed in this busy digital world. This is the main reason for you to take up digital marketing training for E-Commerce Website Owners. The below paragraphs will emphasize the importance in a greater amount of detail.

The biggest problem faced by E-Commerce website owners is generating leads and converting them to paying customers. As the number of e-commerce websites getting developed day by day is going high, the competition is also ever increasing in the internet space.

Having an online presence and driving business through e-commerce is very challenging. It is not easy to increase visibility and drive sales just by developing a good looking website. To out-compete and win in the e-commerce market space, a strong digital marketing campaign is a must. 

In this competitive world, to remain on the top of the business, especially in the online space, you need to optimize your website for ranking higher in Google search pages. And that is possible only through the knowledge of Search Engine Optimization Tactics (SEO). Along with SEO, you should also be driving brand impressions and brand engagement through social media marketing and search engine marketing (Google AdWords or Google Ads).

There has been an analysis that 40 percent of social media users make online purchases on a given day boosting sales of e-commerce companies. Especially, among all social media channels, Facebook is on the top source of traffic for all e-commerce websites and has the highest conversion rates of nearly 2 percent compared to visitors from other social media channels. It is said that Facebook alone constitutes an average 85 percent of all orders on e-commerce sites.

A proper SEO (both on-page and off-page) along with a well thought out social media campaigns will drive more and more traffic to your e-commerce website resulting in more leads and conversions.

Outsourcing SEO and digital marketing activities for e-commerce sites can prove to be a costly affair. For this purpose, you have to undergo our specially designed digital marketing training for e-commerce website owners. You can either do the course by yourself or ask your employees to take up our digital marketing training.

Digital Marketing training for e-commerce website owners will help you in a number of ways to grow your e-commerce business. Some of the benefits include building an evergreen brand, getting more converting customers to your e-commerce site, reputation management, and improved customer relationship.

The major advantage of digital marketing for e-commerce website owners is the reduced budget. Digital marketing campaign requires less of the budget compared to traditional marketing. With a clever online marketing campaign, it is definitely possible to beat the giants in your niche.

So much of the advantages can be leveraged through digital marketing that, most of the time it is being ignored due to lack of implementation knowledge. If, you, as an e-commerce website is not making use of digital marketing, then, you are leaving behind money on the table for your competitors to enjoy.

Advantages Of Taking Up Digital Marketing Training For E-Commerce Website Owners:

By undergoing a digital marketing course at Subhash Digital Academy, here are many of the benefits:

  • Learn to develop an attractive and user-friendly e-commerce website
  • Learn how to do SEO and drive organic visitors to your e-commerce website
  • Learn inbound marketing strategies
  • Learn content marketing strategies
  • Learn to leverage the power of social media marketing to drive leads and sales
  • Learn to nurture leads through e-mail marketing
  • Learn the basics of content writing
  • Learn advanced marketing through Google AdWords or Google Ads
  • Monitor and manage website visitors through Google Analytics
  • Understand how to drive sales through mobile marketing

Course Contents Of Digital Marketing Training For E-commerce Website Owners:

Among 30 odd modules, the major topics that are covered as part of our training include the following:

  • Social Media Marketing
    • Helps drive traffic to the website through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Search Engine Optimisation
    • Helps drive organic Traffic through Google and Bing search
  • Inbound Marketing
    • Understanding customer lifecycle through attract, delight and sell model known as inbound marketing
  • Business Strategies
    • Strategies to drive more sales
  • Email Marketing
    • Helps nurture leads to turn them into converting customers
  • Search Engine Marketing
    • Helps drive visitors to the website through paid campaigns through Google and Bing
  • Sales Funnels
    • Helps understand customer buyer persona and their buyer journey.

With so much of the benefits of digital marketing, it is absolutely worth taking up a course on digital marketing. To know more about the details of our digital marketing training for e-commerce website owners, I kindly request you to fill up an inquiry form in the contact us page and our executives will get back to you as soon as possible.

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