The below blog post will help you understand why digital marketing training for housewives is very important. Subhash Digital Academy is one of the finest institutes that offers training in digital marketing for housewives.

Digital Marketing Training For Housewives:

Why Digital Marketing Training For Housewives Is Important?

digital marketing training for housewives

In olden days, it was quite difficult for housewives to make money sitting at home. But, with the enormous growth in internet technology, earning through the internet has become very much easier. Digital Marketing Training For Housewives offered by Subhash Digital Academy has become the favorite courses for homemakers. 

Also in the ever increasing day to day demands, completely relying on their husbands for money is not a wise decision. Doing some worthwhile work in your free time will also kill your boredom and keep you inspired throughout the day.

Digital Marketing Training For Housewives is specially designed for those who want to earn active income sitting in the comfort zone of their home by using any of the online money making business models. A digital marketing course is a must for every housewife who wishes to make money online using the power of the internet.

How exactly do you make use of this digital marketing course depends on a particular individual which will be discussed one-on-one in our classes.

8 Reasons Why Housewives Should Learn Digital Marketing:

  1. Need Less Budget To Start With Online Business
  2. No time constraint as in full-time job
  3. Work at the comfort of your drawing room
  4. Be your own boss
  5. Work as a freelancer
  6. No much difficulty in learning
  7. Earn more in less time
  8.  Huge growth opportunities

Course Modules Of Digital Marketing Course For Housewives:

There are many ways in which you as a housewife, can earn money as side income after learning digital marketing. Among many, the major ways to earn money on a freelancing model for client projects is through the following:


By learning SEO, you can approach different startup companies or small business owners with websites to take up their SEO projects. With ever-increasing competitors, every business large and small is looking for freelancers or part-time employees who can work at home to take up their SEO related work. You can help such companies rank better in organic searches and also help them build an online presence.

With no much investment (other than a computer and internet connection) needed, you can start working on such projects right from your home.

2. Content Writing:

There is no company small or big, especially those following an inbound marketing strategy who do not need content writing. Right from their website content to the content for marketing collaterals, quality content plays a major role and that is why they are in the lookout for professionals with strong content writing skills.

Most of the content writers existing today are freelancers. It is beneficial for both the company and the content writer. The company need not pay a full-time employee and the freelancer has the freedom to work at the comfort of his/her home and with multiple clients.

So, learning to write quality content will help you earn a constant stream of revenue just by investing 3 – 4 hrs per day. There are also several websites which connect freelance content writers to clients (like Once you complete the content writing course, you can create your profile onto such websites and start bagging freelance content writing projects.

3.  Social Media Marketing:

With businesses becoming very busy with their core work, and also due to the lack of digital marketing knowledge, they have started outsourcing all social media marketing campaigns to freelancers in order to drive website traffic and build brand awareness.

Once you complete the social media marketing classes, you can take up such projects and work from home in your free time. Through social media marketing, you can help your clients build the brand, manage their online reputation, drive sales, and help build trust with their customers.

If you are able to manage your clients’ social media accounts strategically and by helping them achieve their business goals, you can earn a decent amount of income just by investing 2 – 3 hrs of time sitting at the comfort of your home. Not just one, but, more than three to four clients’ social media campaigns can be managed simultaneously.

4.  Pay Per Click Advertising:

There is a dearth of professionals who are really good at Pay Per Click Advertising or Google AdWords Advertising. Either they are too expensive to hire or they are not good at delivering results. In such situations, businesses are looking out for freelance PPC experts who can deliver maximum return on investment by strategically managing PPC campaigns for their products/services.

After completing the Google AdWords Training from us, you will be a professional to handle PPC projects related to any industry – real estate, education, healthcare, research, and development etc. You will be in a position to deliver the best return on investment to your clients without a second question. 

Strategically managing PPC campaigns of a single business account will hardly take two to three hours of your time. In simple words, you can take up freelance projects of three businesses ( working for three hrs per client) and deliver the best results to them. The best part is that you get to work from home with no investment and high returns. The strategic ways to handle PPC accounts are detailed as part of our course curriculum.

5.  Affiliate Marketing:

If you are not willing to work on somebody else’s projects as a freelancer, then, you can take up affiliate marketing where you get paid from companies or businesses as a commission for each visitor or customer buying their product/services. In this case, the customers visit the businesses’ website via your own blog or website through your strategic marketing efforts.

For earning through affiliate marketing you need a blog with quality content, knowledge of SEO, in-depth skills in social media marketing, PPC advertising, and email marketing. Without a combination of all such skill set, it is impossible to make money through affiliate marketing. There are plenty of housewives who are earning handsome money through affiliate marketing.

Our digital marketing training makes you an all-rounder by making you acquire the skill set that is needed to excel in your affiliate marketing journey.

6.  Website Development:

Though website design and development is not a complete part of digital marketing,  you can still earn huge money through it. Every business either small or big will need a website. Our digital marketing course in Bangalore will make you an expert in website design and development. You can take up freelance projects from small or big companies for developing their websites or re-developing existing websites.

Other ways to make money after digital marketing training for housewives:

Apart from the above-mentioned ways, you as a housewife can also earn money through:

  1. Sell Home Made Products Online
  2. Conduct Online Classes (Cookery, Maths, Science etc.)
  3. Google AdSense Earning Through Blogging
  4. Create Youtube Videos and Generate Income Through Adsense
  5. And many more other ways.

Considering the above facts, we can come to the conclusion that, digital marketing training for housewives is a smart way to make part-time income. It will not help you earn money, but also, keep you engaged, avoid boredom and lead a happy life. To undergo a digital marketing course from us, you can fill up an inquiry form in the contact us page and one of our executives will get back to you within two business days.

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Subhash.K.U is a Professional Programmer turned Digital Marketing Enthusiast. He is the most sought marketing consultants for small and medium scale businesses. He founded Subhash Digital Academy to teach professional digital marketing skills to students, entrepreneurs, and working professionals. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and is an Oracle Certified Programmer. He also holds certificates of Google AdWords, Facebook Blueprint and Hubspot Marketing. He is the co-author of the best selling book – Cracking The C, C++ and Java Interview published by McGraw Hill. He is now penning another book on the subject of marketing and entrepreneurship.

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