We offer digital marketing training for interior designers to help them drive strong online brand awareness. This is achieved by showcasing their design portfolios to customers and in turn generating more converting leads.

This blog post will help you understand why digital marketing training for interior designers is very important and how it can improve your business when strategically planned and executed.

Digital Marketing Training For Interior Designers:

Specially Designed Digital Marketing Modules For Interior Designers:

Digital Marketing Training For Interior Designers


The following modules are specially designed to cater to the needs of interior designers in order to drive maximum sales. This course is designed after detailed research in the field of interior design with respect to customers and existing competitors.

  1. Inbound Marketing Sales Funnels
  2. Interest Generation Through Content Marketing
  3. Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads)
  4. Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn)
  5. Search Engine Optimization
  6. Email Marketing

Why Digital Marketing Training For Interior Designers Is Important?

Interior designers are often engaged in beautifying and optimizing the decor of interiors of hotels, malls, houses, villas, shopping complexes, commercial establishments, workplaces etc. An interior designer is involved in the planning, researching and managing such projects. Sometimes, interior designers are also hired for designing custom-made furniture.

Currently, the interior designing industry is growing at an alarming rate of 7 percent per year. This is because the interest in interior designing among the middle class and higher middle class has grown over time. As the demand is increasing, the competitors in this field are also increasing at a very faster rate. This is one of the main reasons for you to take up digital marketing training for interior designers

But the problem is – the customer and the interior designer aren’t able to find each other. Neither the customer is able to track the right interior designer, nor the interior designer is able to market his services to the right customer. Here is where the importance of digital marketing comes into the picture.

The best way to beat the competition in the interior designing field is to go the digital marketing way. Every interior designer has a great website that exhibits their unique designs. The problem with such websites is that they are not readily available to the customers who are looking for interior designs. This is the problem with every interior designing professionals ( small, big or freelancers). When such is the scenario, a course on digital marketing is necessary for entrepreneurs involved in interior designing. 

Here comes an opportunity to stand out of the crowd. When others have a website that is not meeting customers, you as an interior designer should approach the digital marketing way to reach your potential customer base. It means you should make use of all the existing digital marketing channels to bag interior designing projects from your customers. Various channels include SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Search Engine Marketing.

Making your website SEO friendly will help bring in more organic visitors to the site. 

When people search for the term “interior designers” on Google, your website should appear on the first page. That is when you get organically converting customers. This builds trust in the customer’s mind. This is where you can beat your competitors. Though finding success in the organic search results takes time, it is worth the effort keeping the customer’s trust factor in mind. Our digital marketing course for interior designiners will help you understand how to rank your website on the first page of search engine result pages in a shorter duration.

Optimize your website for SEO and do not stop there. By the time, your website starts ranking high on the search engine result pages, you can start using paid advertisements using Google’s sophisticated Google AdWords (Google Ads) to drive massive traffic to your website. Google AdWords is a powerful tool with several setting options that can drive customers to your website for signing up a contact form or book a consultation with your business.

Apart from Google AdWords, social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram is a powerful way to get your designs displayed to lakhs of customers. With the world’s two-third population on social media, the best way to showcase your designs and build an evergreen brand is by leveraging the power of social media marketing like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Social Media is apt for brand building and awareness. Inbound sales strategy can be successfully implemented through social media marketing. Facebook and Instagram is a powerful tool for B2C sales while LinkedIn is a smart tool for B2B sales.

When you have leads filling up a contact form on your website, but haven’t made a purchase or sales yet, it is time to persuade them. You can persuade them to make a purchase or avail your service through strategically planned e-mails that is both educative and also forms a strong sales pitch. This can be done through email marketing.

So, to drive sales, build a strong brand and become a successful entrepreneur in the interior designing space, it is very much important to learn the art of digital marketing.

Advantages of digital marketing training for interior designers:

Among many, the major advantages of taking up digital marketing training with Subhash Digital Academy are as follows:

  1. Overcome intense competition
  2. Meet potential customers
  3. Brand Building
  4. Online reputation management
  5. Drive Sales and increase revenue

With all the above facts presented to you, you would have come to the conclusion that, digital marketing training for interior designers is the best way to advertise and market your business. To undergo a digital marketing course from us, you can fill up an inquiry form in the contact us page and one of our executives will get back to you within two business days.

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Subhash.K.U is a Professional Programmer turned Digital Marketing Enthusiast. He is the most sought marketing consultants for small and medium scale businesses. He founded Subhash Digital Academy to teach professional digital marketing skills to students, entrepreneurs, and working professionals. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and is an Oracle Certified Programmer. He also holds certificates of Google AdWords, Facebook Blueprint and Hubspot Marketing. He is the co-author of the best selling book – Cracking The C, C++ and Java Interview published by McGraw Hill. He is now penning another book on the subject of marketing and entrepreneurship.

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