This blog post will help you understand why digital marketing for small business owners is very important. We offer digital marketing training for small business owners to improve the sales of their services/products online and get more converting customers to their business.

Digital Marketing Training For Small Business Owners:

Why Digital Marketing Training For Small Business Owners Is Important?

Digital Marketing Training For Small Business Owners

When big corporations have bigger budget for traditional marketing, small businesses find it difficult to compete with such huge corporations. In this digital age, when the whole world is on the internet, small business can leverage the use of social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, etc. to acquire and retain customers for their small businesses. If a small business can leverage digital marketing in a wise manner, they can successfully out-compete with bigger corporations.

Also, it is very important that every business needs a digital marketing strategy to thrive in today’s competing business environment. That is the reason, every small business owner should undergo a professional training in digital marketing.

As more people in today’s era have access to the internet, when they hear about your business through some means, the very first thing that they do is to check for your website and its presence online. A strong presence online indicates the brand value your business carries and trust in your business increases. If your business has not established a strategic presence online, it means, you are leaving your money on the table.

Digital Marketing is not restricted only for a specific business. Almost customers for all kinds of businesses are on social media these days. Digital Marketing Training For Small Business Owners is specially designed for those who wish to make their small businesses big.

What is taught in the digital marketing training for small business owners?

Before your customers consider to do business with you, they have to know, trust and have a positive thought process about your business. For this purpose, using digital marketing campaigns, you have to attract your ideal customers online. It is not just important to generate traffic, it is equally more important to generate traffic that converts into paying customers (called “conversions” in the marketing terminology).

During the digital marketing course at Subhash Digital Academy, you will learn to build and implement a working system – precisely called as a sales funnel to attract, nurture and convert website visitors into paying customers. A well designed and strategically structured digital marketing plan will be discussed that can be implemented right away in your business. 

Towards that end of this course, you will have a rock solid systems and process in place with respect to digital marketing strategies that can be implemented in the lesser time frame and with little money. Everything needed to build trust with your ideal customer, attract and retain them even after a successful transaction will be taught during the digital marketing course.

Highlights Of Digital Marketing Training For Small Business Owners:

  • 90 Hrs. of rock-solid training
  • Access to all recorded live videos
  • Private Facebook group access
  • Networking with like-minded business owners
  • Plug and Play kind of digital marketing strategies
  • Free social media consultation for your business
  • Loads of real-time homework with you and your team to see results in real time
  • Get to know the inside working of marketing strategies of our clients

Course Modules:

The digital marketing course for small business owners is designed keeping a typical small business owner in mind and his struggles in reaching potential customers. The course is a mixture of both theoretical and practical concepts. Most of the assignment given during the course sessions can be implemented right way into your business to see real time results.

The various course modules that is taught as part of the digital marketing course include:

  • Developing Website/Blog for your small business
  • Search Engine Optimisation for your website/blog
  • Adding Google Analytics to your website
  • Adding your site to Google Webmasters
  • Keyword Research Techniques
  • Types Of Content Writing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing To Nurture Leads
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Google My Business
  • Digital Marketing Tools
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Podcast Marketing
  • Customer Acquisition Techniques
  • Case Studies Of Various Businesses

Benefits Of Digital Marketing Training For Small Business Owners :

  1. Learn To Leverage Social Media Through Social Media Marketing Classes
  2. Online Brand Building For Your Small Business
  3. Improved Online Visibility
  4. Lead Generation Through SEM & SMM
  5. Reputation Management
  6. Better After-Sale Customer Relationship

Who must take up this course ?

If you are a passionate and serious business owner looking to get a system and process for digital marketing campaigns to generate more business, then this course is designed for you. The concepts taught during the course is ideal for any kind of business. It is not mandatory to have a running business. Even, if you are just starting up, this course can help you accelerate your startup journey.

To undergo digital marketing training for small business owners, you can fill up an inquiry form in the contact us page and one of our executives will get back to you within two business days.

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Subhash.K.U is a Professional Programmer turned Digital Marketing Enthusiast. He is the most sought marketing consultants for small and medium scale businesses. He founded Subhash Digital Academy to teach professional digital marketing skills to students, entrepreneurs, and working professionals. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and is an Oracle Certified Programmer. He also holds certificates of Google AdWords, Facebook Blueprint and Hubspot Marketing. He is the co-author of the best selling book – Cracking The C, C++ and Java Interview published by McGraw Hill. He is now penning another book on the subject of marketing and entrepreneurship.

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