How To Become A Digital Marketer [A 16-Step Guide]

How To Become A Digital Marketer is a common question that is asked by many graduates and working professionals alike. With so many emails pouring into my inbox, I decided to write this blog post.

If you are looking to make a career in Digital Marketing and don’t know where to start, then, this blog post will be your guiding light. At the end of this blog post, you will have the exact answer for your question – How to become a digital marketer?

In this blog post, I have clearly explained, the exact steps that a beginner needs to take, in order to become a professional digital marketer.


Important Note
The ideas are presented in this blog post after interviewing more than a dozen professionals, who are working in different industries as digital marketers at a senior most level with more than 8+ years of experience. I would recommend you to maintain the order of steps mentioned below to reach your goal faster. Wish you all the best for your digital marketing career.


How To Become A Digital Marketer

Basic Skill Set Required To Become A Digital Marketer: 

  • Basic Knowledge of Microsoft Excel or Equivalent ( Learn Free From Chandoo )
  • A typing speed of at least 50 words per minute ( Learn Typing Free From Typing Club )
  • Good written communication skills

If you are lacking in any one of these skill set, I would strongly recommend you to get started towards acquiring it right now.  These skills are a must to do digital marketing.

How To Become A Digital Marketer – A Step-by-Step Guide

The steps required to become a digital marketer can be divided as part of 3 phases that needs to be strictly followed in the same order.

  1. Fundamental Aspects Of Digital Marketing
    1. Keenly Observe Established Digital Marketing Experts
    2. Subscribe To The World’s Authentic Digital Marketing Blogs
    3. Learn To Write Attractive and User-Friendly Content
    4. Understand “Content Marketing” and Its Role In “Inbound Marketing”
    5. Understand The Importance Of Blogging
  2. Tools/Implementation Aspects Of Digital Marketing
    1. Set Up Your Own Blog
    2. Write A Minimum Of 6 Blog Posts
    3. Learn And Implement SEO 
    4. Add “E-Mail Subscription” and “Social Sharing Buttons” To Your Blog Posts
    5. Learn And Set Up Google Webmasters For Your Blog
    6. Learn To Analyze Traffic To Your Blog Using Google Analytics
    7. Sign Up For Email Marketing Service And Learn Email Marketing
    8. Create Pages For Your Blog On Social Media Sites
    9. Learn To Do Paid Social Media Marketing
    10. Learn To Do Paid Promotion Through Google Adwords (Google Ads)
  3. Professionalism Aspects Of Digital Marketing
    1. Get Into A Job or Become A Freelancer

Let’s get into each one step-by-step.

Fundamental Aspects Of Digital Marketing

Step #1: Keenly Observe Established Digital Marketing Experts

To excel in any field, you got to have a role model. It is the same with digital marketing too. You get to learn a lot by keenly observing them and keeping track of their digital marketing activities.

Here are my Recommendations:

  • Neil Patel
  • Brian Dean
  • Jon Loomer
  • Perry Marshall

A Google search on “Top Digital Marketers In <country_name>” will give you a list of top professionals in your country. Subscribe to their Blogs/YouTube Channels and follow them on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn.

Step #2: Subscribe To The World’s Authentic Digital Marketing Blogs

There are few worlds’ finest and authentic digital marketing blogs where educative and informative articles related to the latest developments in the field of digital marketing are regularly posted.

Make sure you read and learn from such websites/blogs at least thrice a week. Make it your habit and you will thank me for this suggestion.

Few Of My Favorite Websites:

Complete List Of Useful Blogs

Top Blogs Every Digital Marketer Should Read

Step #3: Learn To Write Attractive and User-Friendly Content

Content writing is the heart of digital marketing and is the core strength of every successful digital marketer.  I do not recommend the option of outsourcing content writing to others, especially, if you want to become a professional digital marketer.

The best way to learn content writing is by reading. Yes, you read that right. Read the content written by other professionals (blogs and books). And slowly try to replicate them, adjusting and fine tuning to your writing style.

Though learning to write content is time-consuming and requires consistent effort, it is definitely not impossible.

Step #4: Understand “Content Marketing” and Its Role In “Inbound Marketing”

The whole idea of digital marketing revolves under the concept of “Inbound Marketing” and “Content Marketing”. Understanding these two concepts will set the right mindset towards internet marketing.

“Content Marketing” and “Inbound Marketing” should be at the core of all Internet Marketing campaign.

Step #5: Understand The Importance Of Blogging

The core essence of “Content Marketing” is blogging. Understanding the importance of blogging in conjunction with “Inbound Marketing” and “Content Marketing” will help you kick-start your digital marketing thought process.

Every business/individual who wishes to leverage digital marketing will do so by starting a blog (quality content to be more precise). When you go through Step #4 you will understand the importance of a blog and how to use it for digital marketing campaigns.

By going through the above 5-steps, you have set your foundation for a strong digital marketing career. Without following the above 5-steps the rest of the steps outlined in this blog post cannot be implemented.

Tools/Implementation Aspects Of Digital Marketing

Step #6: Set Up Your Own Blog

Choose a particular topic on which you wish to blog about. Register a domain name, buy a hosting space and host your blogging site. This is the first step in the implementation phase.

The career of every successful & professional digital marketer started with a blog. Whatever you learn in Digital Marketing has to be practically implemented on this blog.

Step #7: Write A Minimum Of 6 Blog Posts (Do Not Publish It)

We need content to publish on our blog. Therefore start writing articles related to your chosen topic. This is the reason, I suggested for Step #3.

I recommend writing a minimum of 6 articles. This is to get you in flow with writing. You will become much better and more confident (as a writer) as you complete writing each article.

Do not publish these articles on your blogging site until you are satisfied with the quality. Apart from the quality check, the article has to be optimized for search engines.

Step #8: Learn And Implement SEO (Publish Your Blog Posts)

Start learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO helps in getting free traffic to your blog. Free traffic is technically called “Organic Traffic”.

Modify the 6 articles you wrote in Step #7 as per the SEO requirements by maintaining the natural flow and quality of your content. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner to get keyword ideas.

Publish your articles and apply all the SEO concepts you learned to your blog posts. It includes updating meta tags, image optimization, video optimization, adding internal links etc.

Step #9: Add “E-Mail Subscription” and “Social Sharing Buttons” To Your Blog Posts

Two important items on your blog should be – “E-mail Subscription Option” and “Social Sharing Buttons”. These are the preliminary ways to earn loyal fans for your blog post.

The reason is, when visitors start reading your blog post and find it interesting, they tend to subscribe to your newsletter for more updates about your next articles. Over a period of time, they become your regular readers and loyal fans.  This is why “E-mail Subscription Option” is a must.

These loyal fans are your brand ambassadors. They share your articles on social media platforms to help their friends/family benefit from your blog posts. This is why “Social Sharing Buttons” are a must.

Step #10: Learn And Set Up Google Webmasters For Your Blog

Google Webmaster Tool (Or Google Search Console Tool) is a free tool offered by Google, to help you evaluate and maintain your website’s performance in search results. It offers various insights into how Google search engine sees your website and helps you uncover issues that need immediate fixing.

In simple words, Google Webmaster Tool is a health checker of your blog. Set Up Google Webmaster by submitting your blog URL to it. A quick introduction to Google Webmaster Tool ( Or Search Console ) is shown in the video below.

Step #11: Learn To Analyze Traffic To Your Blog Using Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is a tool provided by Google, to track visitors to your site and their demographics. Google Analytics requires you to embed several lines of tracking code into the code of your website.

The code on the website tracks and records various activities of your website visitors along with the attributes (such as age, gender, interests) of those visitors. It then sends all that information to the GA (Google Analytics) server once the user exits your website. The entire data can be analyzed through your Google Analytics account.

Step #12: Sign Up For Email Marketing Service And Learn Email Marketing

Email is the right channel for sending out regular updates to your subscribers regarding your new articles and products/services. For this, you got to sign up for a good Email Marketing Service. Email Services from companies like Aweber and MailChimp are my recommendations.

Step #13: Create Pages For Your Blog On Social Media Sites

As more and more people, young and old are spending most of their free time on the internet, it is very much necessary to have your online social media presence. Create pages (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) for your blogging brand and starting posting your blog URLs regularly. Social Media is another channel through which you can grow your website visitors organically.

Step #14: Learn To Do Paid Social Media Marketing

Only depending on organic traffic is a bad idea when it comes to digital marketing. The number of potential customers whom we could reach becomes limited. That is the reason you got to learn Social Media Marketing. I would recommend preparing and taking up Facebook’s Blueprint Certification.

Sign up for a business account with social media companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Start promoting your blog content through social media marketing and start earning more and more followers.

The followers you earn through social media marketing should be nurtured on a regular basis (through effective content marketing) using your knowledge of Email marketing.

Step #15: Learn To Do Paid Promotion Through Google Adwords (Google Ads)

Another way to effectively promote your blog apart from organic traffic is through Google AdWords (or Google Ads). You can get started with a low CPC bid for practice sake. Google also provides an initial free credit of INR 2000 for promotion. If you are unable to avail the benefit, call up the Google AdWords support team and they will give you free credits to get you started.

The best way to get started is by preparing for Google AdWords Certifications. Later you can apply whatever you have learned practically by investing a little amount on Google Advertising.

By signing up for Google Mobile Ads, you will also learn how to effectively do Mobile Marketing.

By following all the above steps you have learned everything that is needed for a beginner to be called as a Digital Marketer. But, there are two things lacking in it – Professionalism and Expertise.  And to become a professional digital marketer, you should follow Step-16

Professionalism Aspects Of Digital Marketing

Step-16: Get Into A Job or Become A Freelancer

According to Malcolm Gladwell, it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice on a particular skill to become an expert and achieve massive world-class success.

To gain more and more expertise you got to work on more and more real-time projects. There are two options for it.

  • Get into a digital marketing job

Start your career as a digital marketer by joining a company. The advantage of getting a job is that, you get paid for learning on the job.  But, there would be initial hiccups until you find your first digital marketing job.

  • Work on digital marketing projects as a Freelancer

The advantage of working as a freelancer is you get to work on many projects and earn money simultaneously. Also, you can learn more about marketing as you seek freelance projects. But, effort goes in convincing clients and getting freelance projects.

By following the above steps, you have learned every component that’s needed to get into the world of digital marketing, such as:

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Paid Per Click (PPC) – Google AdWords
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Analytics and Reporting
  • Mobile Marketing

Hope this blog post gave you loads of insights on how to become a digital marketer. Let me know of your opinion in the comment section below. Also, if you feel someone can benefit from this blog post, please do share it. It can help them understand how to start a career in digital marketing

If you think you need a professional classroom training to learn all the components of digital marketing with proper guidance from an expert, you can attend our digital marketing course in Bangalore. We at Subhash Digital Academy will teach you everything needed [How To] to become a digital marketer.

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Subhash.K.U is a Professional Programmer turned Digital Marketing Enthusiast. He is the most sought marketing consultants for small and medium scale businesses. He founded Subhash Digital Academy to teach professional digital marketing skills to students, entrepreneurs, and working professionals. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and is an Oracle Certified Programmer. He also holds certificates of Google AdWords, Facebook Blueprint and Hubspot Marketing. He is the co-author of the best selling book – Cracking The C, C++ and Java Interview published by McGraw Hill. He is now penning another book on the subject of marketing and entrepreneurship.

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