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6 Tips To Optimize Videos For SEO

In the previous chapter – 6 Tips To Optimize Images For SEO, we learned more about optimizing website images that help in improving search result rankings – especially on the vertical search. In this chapter – 6 Tips To Optimize Videos For SEO – we will understand how to optimize videos, that will enrich your website with the right content, style, and format,  that both web users, as well as search engines, love and enjoy. 


Tips To Optimize Videos For SEO


First and foremost, we have to clearly understand the fact that, search engines are not clever enough to read content on an image or watch a video to understand its content. That is the reason, it requires the webmaster/website-owner to clearly indicate to the search engine what exactly is the image or video is all about through other means called – IMAGE OPTIMIZATION and VIDEO OPTIMISATION.

Let us learn how to do it.


6 Tips to Optimize Videos For SEO


Tip #1: Place Your Videos On The Related Page

Assume you have a blog post (or an article on your blog), that teaches and explains how to prepare a chicken burger. If you wish to add a supporting video as part of the blog post (to keep your audience more engaged on the site), it is recommended to embed the video  (video showing live preparation of chicken burger) onto the same page.

It is advised not to isolate the video from the text describing it, say, by showing a pop-up or redirecting to some other folders containing only videos or some other location on your web server. 

The main reason is that the search engine crawlers must see the video as part of the blog post/web page.  If the supporting video (on a particular topic) is embedded on the same page, the search engine spiders while crawling your blog post, will try to understand the video content by associating it with the text described in that blog post.

NOTE: There is no other way search engines could understand the video content other  than associating it with the text described around it. Placing a video at an isolated location away from the without any text or title is a missed SEO opportunity.

By doing this way, the search engines will rank your videos for those keyword(s) related to the topic that is described around it. In the above example, it is – “How To Prepare Chicken Burger”.


Tip #2: Add Text Describing The Video

It is a best practice to place the right keyword(s) or text that best describes the video surrounding it. This helps search engine crawlers understand and relate the video content with the surrounding text.


Tip #3: Know The Right Saving Methods

Save the video file in the same website hierarchy where related contents are placed (Also called as “Siloing” ).

For example, assume your web server has two folders, one holding files and information related to chicken recipes and the other holding files and information about vegetarian recipes. If your video talks about preparing “chicken burger”, it is highly recommended to place the video onto the folder that contains information about chicken recipes.

In this way, the search engines will understand the content of the video by associating it with its counterparts in the same folder ( or technically called “silo” ).

NOTE: Refer this chapter to understand siloing in detail – 5-Step Method To Organize WebsiteContent For Higher Search Engine Rankings

Saving the video file onto your web server will improve click-throughs to your site instead of third party hosting site. Promote your video from your site through link building (explained later) to establish ownership of the video and improve its SEO value.

Once search engines ascertain the original owner of the video, you can upload your video to a third-party site like YouTube for better visibility. Placing your website link as part of the video description on third party video sharing sites will also bring in more traffic to your website. Again this is a very famous SEO strategy.


Tip #4: Know The Right Playing Options

I highly recommend HTML5 player to be the video player if the video is hosted on your own site. The greatest advantage is that HTML5 is compatible with most devices and browsers. 

The ultimate way to achieve SEO success is by enriching user experience. Therefore avoid auto-playing the video and give the website using the authority to decide whether to play the video or not.


Tip #5: Know The Right Sizing And Quality Options

The sizing of the video depends on the kind of technology your website visitors uses. If your website visitors have access to the fastest internet, it is always good to upload high-quality videos with a large display and so on. This is because, as the video quality goes high, the image size increases and download time too increase on a low internet connection. Therefore, website visitors having access to a fast internet connection may not have an issue.

If your website visitors have no access to the latest technology, devices, and fast internet connection, it is advisable to reduce the image file. This might dampen the video quality to an extent, but, keep the audio part at its best. Research says that the audio part of the video is what matters while watching a video. A right balance between high video quality and fast download speed has to be struck.

Also, coming back to the size of the display, save your video file to the largest viewing size needed for a desktop user and then, enable it to reduce in size depending on the type of device or screen the website visitor is using.


Tip #6: Know The Right Video Length Options

Though the length of the video is always debated in the online world and purely depends on the video content, my personal research has shown me that, ninety percent of videos that succeeded in grabbing users’ attention is “Short Length Videos” that are of about two to three minutes long.

Keep your videos crisp and to the point. Try to solve the user problems as soon as possible within a short duration of a maximum of three minutes. Five minutes is extremely a long duration on the web.

Short videos do not only receive more clicks but are also easily downloadable making it a favorite among your website users.


Congratulations! You are done with the twelfth chapter on “5 Tips To Optimize Videos For SEO”. Hope you enjoyed the reading.


All the best for your next chapter on “12 Tips To Create A Mobile Friendly Website”. In the next chapter, you will learn to impress website users by making your website mobile friendly.

Feel free to comment below if this blog post was useful or not. If yes, please do me a favor by sharing it with others who might benefit.

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